Reviews for "Oddgods-0"


I saw the oddgods.one first, and liked it a lot, but this is a masterpiece! I think the only problem is that there are a bunch of dipshits who just don't understand the story and decide to low score it. They just don't know how much work had to be put into that flash! I mean, correct me if I am wrong, but you drew most of those parts hand by hand, little or no motion tweening, and still have it look great! Man, if you can't satisfy people with this, then, they don't know Jack(TM)!

let me guess.,,,,

your on acid right?

heh nice job dude


That was pretty crazy the animations went by smoothly the music couldve been improved but it went with the animation good job

AND THEN.......???

It kinda just stops....it really needs more to it. otherwise that was great! KEEP IT UP!


Strange flash, but it is very well done and definately worth watching.