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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"

Plot dragged a bit

The art was definitely kickass, but the movie dragged a bit.

poxpower responds:


my favourite part: the "making of" video.

u rock

i no this must of taken a long time to make but it was weel worth it! hav u thought about making a series 2 do with all of the main character or jus the 1 o them? it wuld b awsum. anywayz i gave this a 9 becoz it rules the ending was obvious tho.....

poxpower responds:

a secret for you: I don't think it was worth hald the boredom I had to go through to make it.

but the nightmare is finally over.

Good, Bad, and the Ugly

As it has been said before, this seems like that classic Western movie. But unlike the classic, this shows the future under the same dire circumstances.

But here's my interpretation of what happens.

The first man, the one with the graying beard, is fighting for his faith. I'm not sure but he seems to be searching for vengeance against someone.

The second man, the trained killer type with the glasses, is not fighting for anything. He seems to be like a hitman, killing for a contract.

The third man, the blonde guy with no eyes, seems to be fighting for something worthy. His family. He seems to be bent out for revenge also.

This is just an assumption but... the old man is fighting for his faith, the hitman is out for payment, and the family man is out to defend his family.

This is definitely one of the best Original Flashes I've seen in a while. It's worthy of staying on the Top 50 but will the voters stick with it? I hope so.

BTW, your skills in Art and Flash are excellent. Even though Flash can be a pain in the arse, it's the best we've got right now.

Oh, this reminds me of "Hitman: Contracts"


reminded me of desperado

good job

Very good

The video is very good, not the greatest animation, but the pictures are quite well drawn, story and bgm was perfect ;)!!!

poxpower responds: