Reviews for "KOROSU- the black samurai"


Yet again more great work from JAZZA, keep it up bro! These guys that give you crap don't know what they are talkin' 'bout!


That samurai is bad-ass, man!
I really liked how the characters were drawn.
The story was bland and overused,
but the animation was great.
I liked the blur on his arms when he ran in the beginning and the wind effect on his clothes when he falls through the air. It's small details like that that people overlook sometimes.
Also, I caught some Zelda music in the beginning there! And the Evil guy has six dots on his forehead like Krillin!

Good stuff

Well I liked this, I gave it low marks as yeah the quality wasen't as good as Paladin, but still it was awesome!


it was ok i guess... i didnt like the vioces at all. woulda been better if u just showed the text.

a few problems

1 hes a ninja not a samurai
2 the voices didnt match
3 its too short

but other than that it was good