Reviews for "KOROSU- the black samurai"


dude make this longer more action and try to draw little better k but the shirt thing was pretty cool

Not bad

By the way, if you have seen all the ninja flicks - such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon; all the words are way off; just a thought since most of these movies a foreign. =P

Not bad, a little short, not that many deaths and maybe a tiny bit choppy and slow.

Overall, the same two words, not bad.

I agree with Adam

I have to agree with the person below, rather unorigional, also, why is a Samurai acting like a Ninja? And as another person said, their mouths keep moving when they're not talking.


the animation was alright, but the storyline is way too un original, I mean the 'you murdered my family thing' has been used millions of times, not to mention the words were way off. I mean I'm not a skilled artist but still more original than you...


That was awesome