Reviews for "KOROSU- the black samurai"

The black samurai is actually a white guy?

I loved the sound effects and music! The fights remind me of Rurouni Kenshin. The mouths did not match up to the voices which annoyed the heck out of me.


love da movie plz but i agree wid dat uda guy u make karosu fight like a ninja stil AWSUM muvi

I would say, this was ninja film

I know this is old submission, but i didnt see this flash movie until now. So:

You did pretty good job there. Music was pretty good.
But you did one fatal thing: Samurais aint ninjas, who hide themselves in shadows. They do close combat and stuff.

But for rest for this flas, this is good.

I liked that

i especially like the atmospheric build up that breaks down into techno music. But i thought it was better before you put in the echoes, some of the words you cant hear because the previous ones are echoing back.


so close to a 10/5! the only drawback was that u couldn't get the words to match the lips (or vice versa).

But it was great besides that