Reviews for "KOROSU- the black samurai"


that´s cool!and good animated fight,much better than unsually.

Oh ya! Kick ass!

This movie was kick ass. I can't whait for thr sequall to come out.

not enough fighting!!!

lol i like fighting 8) the talking part was a little boring, and sometimes there wasn't even sound. the frame by frame idea was good, but at the end it looked like he slapped the other guy!

it was ok.....

Could have done a little better....MUCH better. Pretty good i guess...other then the frame by frame.......As i sayed it was ok and u could have done better....i give it a 8.

It was pretty good,

IT was good, I like your stuff, but the sound was off
(this is my second time reveiwing cut me slack)

But I would just like to state, ima fuddy duddy when it comes to this stuff, Samurai are all honorable and approach to your face when they fight, when at the start, for the first guard, he was hiding, that's what ninjas do, because the were the anti-samurai force. But other than that, I liked it.