Reviews for "KOROSU- the black samurai"

Ha Ha nice.

This is a Vary nice Animation. Could use more plot thogh.

Pretty good and thrilling.

Fasinating and a good view. Two thumbs up. Work on lipsync a bit, and keep in mind that on all kimonos are put on with the left-part-over-the-right, not right-over-left like you have it here. Right-over-left is done when the wearer is dead and being view during the funeral. Nice acton too. The animation was superb.

That was pretty tight.

It was kinda short but good action. Dont leave us hangin at the end though, who won? Better be KOROSU!!

yeah yeah its ook

but dude what ever happend to lips synking


Very good..but I really wat the fighting sequel to come out. Hurry up!!!!