Reviews for "KOROSU- the black samurai"

Good animation too short

The annimation was good but the fighting was too short and well the guys not a smurai he's a ninja, samurai dont use them types of swords or dress like that, they would also not be doing back flips off of buildings, im not saying this to put the annimation down but to simply tell you the difference between samuria and ninja, its like saying muay thai is kickboxing, it dont make sence. but like i said everything else is top notch, just make the fight scenes longer, and maybe look up samuria in wikipedia or try finding a book about samurie for more accurate information

Short and good

Little things can be Good lol! Keep up the good work and waiting for Part 2!



So much to say

First, was that a Zelda's Hyrule remix I heard in the begining? XD And second DEAR GOD! You can't leave it hanging like that! x.X Finish it...now! XD


A little short but apart from that good.