Reviews for "War is Hell"


An errie yet strong song, great work! =)

S-Rock responds:

Thanks =)

great !!!!!!

i feel like it should be a credit songfor a movie where his friend dies.

S-Rock responds:

Damn :S thanks :)))

god man its cool

dude i think while you were making this song something like uh bad happend to you yeah...maybe not but maybe yes.....the song is in my ipod plus when i listen to it its like i'm going to the place where i hate to go (school) or i'm walknig to a giant haunted house and when i'm walknig to places and i'm listening to this....i feel everyone is looking at me thinking what a shame you know? like i lost something i really wanted to have........i lost someoner i wanted to have yesterday.....it sucks but i took it like a man....the music is just perfect for my moment now i'll vote 5/5 see ya

S-Rock responds:

Thank you so Much for that, Man yeah Bad things happen ALL the time but you know if you never felt bad you can't feel good.

I don't like this type of music..

But since its used in Dawn Of The Madness, and there is a scary edge in the song, this is an execption.

S-Rock responds:

haha Thanks man I appreciate it :D

This is so calming to listen to
Good job on this one :)

S-Rock responds:

Thanks ^^