Reviews for "War is Hell"

Elegant yet...

almost dark, but not quite. When I was listening to this, and reading your comments, I really could imagine a wastleland, the battlefield after it's over. The sound does have an almost hopeless feeling to it, about the horrors of war.

I did hear the Linkin Park-ishness in the song, it does sound a bit like them.

S-Rock responds:

Sweet man I'm glad you like it.

simply amazing

man this is the most amazing song ive ever heard

S-Rock responds:

Thank you so much...Big words 2 me

Goe,s good with World in conflict

Dude this song goes great with world in conflict right after someone launches a nuke and obliterates every one.Great for the aftermath of the blast.but any ways good song and i hope to here more!!!

S-Rock responds:

Yup Yup, Hey thanks man I appreciate all the Good Feedback.

Realy Great Work

20/10 good job

S-Rock responds:

tyvm :)


i like your music!!!!! 10/10

S-Rock responds:

Thank you :) I wont stop