Reviews for "War is Hell"

I love it.

I can see where you got some Linkin Park inspiration there, but you still made it your own syle, which I liked. The beat had a nice creepy, yet curious mood to it. Which is why it is perfect for this scene I am working on in this movie where survivors of a zombie apocalypse drive through a ruined city.
As soon as I heard this I knew that I couldn't find anything better for that scene.

S-Rock responds:

^^ this is what I try to do (inspire)


Man Pianos are Great! i love this shit!

S-Rock responds:

I'm in love with pianos

nice song

i just watched dawn of the madness and it goes right along wit the vid
nice combo

S-Rock responds:

Thank you

This music is awsome

This is such a good song im so posting this on u tube :D

S-Rock responds:

when you do let me get the link :D

coolest song ever!!!!

it gives me the image of enemys staring each other down waiting to strike 5/5 10/10 good job!!!!

S-Rock responds:

Thank you :)