Reviews for "War is Hell"

I enjoyed it

Gave me a sense of an aftermath in a war or something.

Really deep and can lose one self listening to this.


S-Rock responds:

you know what, I just wanna say thanks for actually reading my Author Comments Before listening to the Song, cause I know a ton of people like to just review... I wrote this Beat in the Since of War and the Pain behind it. Thanks man, I love it. (good Feedback)


yo this track is raw as hell. yo be on the look out for revenge of the fallen coming soon. 1 love kid.

S-Rock responds:

haha thats right.


Wow, that just reminds me of so many hard and sad times. After that I feel like killing the people I hate......

S-Rock responds:

lol Don't do that now...:(

I gives me that feeling inside...

I-...I really don't know what it is.

S-Rock responds:

I know what you mean :D


great song bro. keep up the good work!

S-Rock responds:

Will Do, Thanks btw and keep an eye out for more of my songs