Reviews for "War is Hell"


Dude if i made a vid could i use your song i mean its really awsome if it went up to100 i would give it 105! this song is kick ass man.

thanks for shareing it on new grounds.

S-Rock responds:

Wow, damn Nice score haha..
Yeah man go ahead use my song But I want to see the finished product.

dawn of madness

it relly went good with dawn of the madness well done!!!!11!11!111oneoneone!!211!

S-Rock responds:

lol101 ty ty

nice song

i just watched dawn of the madness and it goes right along wit the vid
nice combo

S-Rock responds:

Thank you


Why was this used in dawn of the madness?

S-Rock responds:

Cause why not?

Good Connect

From the beats of the best most unknown tested in the game of of minumum wage with stress this army take sound and streatch. Break away, build, take a breath and mesh, with a light skinned n***a like me, I'm hooked on flexing the phonics, where the other crunk stuff at S-Rock? I can tell that you got what it takes, but do you got what it takes when the biggest war in histroy takes place while my big brother got a MD 20/20 mixed with a sawn off on the rocks of this rock. I'm glad I ain't never touched bread crumb, glad I aint never touched a cracked lung, glad I'ma never hear a canon snap shot in my life that I'ma run from. Glad I got a holy book lesson when I was young. Be prepared for the very near war sure to come, in the name of of McCain or Obama, "Leave the BS at home" this Halloween flyer was rotten, I guarantee when The B's from the V to the A get up on stage its gonna be a lyrical slaughter meant to entertain. So I claim Hell-Nah, wont go to that game, I'm stuck in real life. While you test a caressed heartbeat trying to break a treasure chest so surreal like, I got the message bottled in a beer like, a maximun string pad playing with your fears like, GOD BLESS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>get ready brother. It is soon. You're chosen.

S-Rock responds:

God bless you and thank you. this is what I try to accomplish ^, (Inspiration)