Reviews for "War is Hell"

This is awesome

This is now my favorite song on the AP. Whenever I listen to it, I picture a lone survivor tripping over bodies in a field, calling out for help.

I could listen to this all day. Incredibly well done.

S-Rock responds:

Thank you so much. Man..
yeah I deffinately Appreciate the Good Feedback i'm getting on this beat.

Goe,s good with World in conflict

Dude this song goes great with world in conflict right after someone launches a nuke and obliterates every one.Great for the aftermath of the blast.but any ways good song and i hope to here more!!!

S-Rock responds:

Yup Yup, Hey thanks man I appreciate all the Good Feedback.


a very nice soundtrack the music has such a creepy edge to it and a depressing feeling in it it just is an awsome soundtrack i love it

S-Rock responds:

Thanks :D

say wha?

this song is truely a master peice. it makes me think of my brother who not to long ago left for the military. im making a video for him that i might post on youtube and with your permission id like to use this track if its cool wid you? i have total respect for you music so i thought id ask first XD 10/10

S-Rock responds:

Absolutely, you wouldn't need permission for that sir

love it! :D

S-Rock responds: