Reviews for "War is Hell"


Man Pianos are Great! i love this shit!

S-Rock responds:

I'm in love with pianos

I love it.

I can see where you got some Linkin Park inspiration there, but you still made it your own syle, which I liked. The beat had a nice creepy, yet curious mood to it. Which is why it is perfect for this scene I am working on in this movie where survivors of a zombie apocalypse drive through a ruined city.
As soon as I heard this I knew that I couldn't find anything better for that scene.

S-Rock responds:

^^ this is what I try to do (inspire)

Pretty tastefull

Every Instrument was a good choice


That snare...

if im correct, i belive ur using the "Arent you Clever" snare provided by the FL Studio

No hate on the snare, its a really good decision to accompany the mood of the beat

but theres barely any power in it

i dont know wut u did to make it so soft but i bet if u but the Power back in both th KICK and the SNARE, u can still pull it off a bad ass beat with a lil more emotion in it


Thats about all the suggestions i have here

this peice is deffenetly a dope one from u S-Rock

Really apretiate u blessin my ears

S-Rock responds:

HAHA yeah my newer material from 2010 and later are better, personally I don't touch samples anymore. I can't even listen to my old stuff like this anymore. I mean I always feel that anger and pain in my heart. but yeah :P

I hate linkin park but...

I think this is pretty good shit man

S-Rock responds:

yeah they used to inspire me but now it's only been tool :D

Nice song

I love the instruments in this song. I assume you got that melody from "what i've done"?

S-Rock responds:

no, I play Piano and I just Scrable up some Ideas and I wanted to use it in this beat.