Reviews for "War is Hell"


Fantastic bit of music, really catchy!

S-Rock responds:

Thank you I appreciate that =)

Really loved this one

Wow, dude, this song is awesome!
Added to my favorites and downloaded it.

S-Rock responds:

NNNNIIIICCCCEEEEE...I love hearing people Like my stuff...and thank you. =)


Dude i like it but it could use some energy

S-Rock responds:

Like some Kanye West raping over it..Yes...I feel it

great song

5/5 and 10/10

S-Rock responds:

Thank you

Yo Wow

Damn, Ive been tryna find this for a while...

Added this to my favorites... its HOT HOT HOT. Keep it up man... you got some talent my dude

S-Rock responds:

thanks ^^