Reviews for "War is Hell"

very cool!

nice work, this mean the deaths of the soliders

S-Rock responds:

*head bow*

great !!!!!!

i feel like it should be a credit songfor a movie where his friend dies.

S-Rock responds:

Damn :S thanks :)))

Epic Stick Flash

I just had an idea for my first flash with this song! It just made me think of a stick guy, last one not infected with a disease, or an escaped prisoner, that is super strong, and goes into Epic Fighting mode!

P.S: This also reminded me of the title song from the show House!


S-Rock responds:

^^ thank you


I love it its perfect for many zombie like games/movies simaler to dawn of the madness.

S-Rock responds:

I was hoping so :P thanks!

Goe,s good with World in conflict

Dude this song goes great with world in conflict right after someone launches a nuke and obliterates every one.Great for the aftermath of the blast.but any ways good song and i hope to here more!!!

S-Rock responds:

Yup Yup, Hey thanks man I appreciate all the Good Feedback.