Reviews for "War is Hell"


This is So cool! This should be my theme song! lol jk. This is just as good as music in any movie we see today. Keep up the good work!

S-Rock responds:

wow thanks man, Huge compliment.


excellent job brings the images of a battlefield the horrors of war and brings back the memories of all my buddies ive lost in war. great job and you really caught the hopelessness of war in this song.

S-Rock responds:

*Salute* I did this for you brother

Phenomenal Beat

Great song, really creates a vivid image in your mind that "war is hell". I don't really here the new LP stuff but then again I don't like their new stuff so what do I know?

S-Rock responds:

lol yeah Im just now getting to my reviews.. Im so late I hope you all get them. Thanks for the review :) but I absolutely hate LP now lol I've been a tool fan for 9 years now :P can't really listen to anything else :/

Elegant yet...

almost dark, but not quite. When I was listening to this, and reading your comments, I really could imagine a wastleland, the battlefield after it's over. The sound does have an almost hopeless feeling to it, about the horrors of war.

I did hear the Linkin Park-ishness in the song, it does sound a bit like them.

S-Rock responds:

Sweet man I'm glad you like it.

I enjoyed it

Gave me a sense of an aftermath in a war or something.

Really deep and can lose one self listening to this.


S-Rock responds:

you know what, I just wanna say thanks for actually reading my Author Comments Before listening to the Song, cause I know a ton of people like to just review... I wrote this Beat in the Since of War and the Pain behind it. Thanks man, I love it. (good Feedback)