Reviews for "War is Hell"

slow paced.

was a bit slow paced, kindof confusing, but f=very very nice. it loops forever.

S-Rock responds:

yup lol I can't listen to my old stuff anymore cause I was so new just playing whatever sounds I could to express what was in my heart at the time. Thanks for the review!!!


Reminds all of us the losses of war

S-Rock responds:

-.- rip


it reminds me wars

S-Rock responds:

:P yeah when I made it that's what I was thinking.. ty for the review


for some strange reason I hear madonna's song "Live to Tell" in your song. Not that you were aiming for that...just the pace...and such. Hey look at it this way...she's famous....an rich----------this could be an omen for great things to come your way. Peace.

S-Rock responds:

lol never heard the song lol. I don't listen to Madonna lol

Dammit, Cag...

Don't be a n00b...Keep it off youtube!

It really gets you thinking...Not too many songs do that anymore...It's all songs that speak for themselves...That's what I like about pure instrumental music...You can try to interpret the music for yourself...And this one...This one I can see in a war caused apocalypse movie here on Newgrounds...I know I would use it if I had any idea what I was doing...Lol

S-Rock responds:

haha yeah man I know what you mean.