Reviews for "Sno' Problem"

That was awesome.

It's a little addictive too. I liked how the beavers were modelled after Retarded Animal Babies. Another great work by Dave.

Pretty good

well, it was sorta good, not something I'd like to play alot. and esplin, TONE DOWN THE FREAKIN DOTS! anyway continue pumping out the RAB cartoons, only don't make them like your thanksgiving and chirstmas ones, they were just crap. No offense, but I bet a few other people agree with me.

u derserve a 10 for being you.....

but this games deserves a 2 for gameplay serious problem with the snowball not goin farr enough.....should get a 1 but thanks to the yeti attack thing it makes me think it deserves a 2 but again you are one of the best(there is some debate in my head on who is de best u are gettin close to winnin but this brought u down some...)on ng's looks like you got a job,but....i never expected you to get one at a place like "Transcendigital, Inc" (btw i couldnt spell it so i pasted it from ur author note or watever...)you seam like u need a job at a place like ng's.....not a "real" company that has a "real" image(and b4 ppl start to hate me i meant that in a fake "real" like not a company but a faceless corporation....i love ng's and its one of the only real "companies" out there(wat the hell is ng's anyway i mean can i call it a company?oh well u kno wat i mean) so plz dont get mad at me im against the big corrporations like the ones that sue ng's for copyright stuff)i really didnt think any1 at a place like "Transcendigital, Inc" would even consider lettin any1 with flash like urs attached to there name....oh well at least its a job and it probable pays better than the one that i thought you would get....

sorry for making that confusing....i cant make it simpler....ima spaz online...

Great game!

Great game, nice intromovie to!
cool graphics and all, nice job!


and we all tought we dident see a retarded animal babie in a long while
nice game with a good story and another job well done
and good lucky with the new prodject
hope to see more