Reviews for "Sno' Problem"

Add medals here. they are 7 normal medals and 3 Secret medals. here's the list.
Normal medals.
No one knows, Past the first level. 5 points.
NOPE. Die for the 1st time. 5 points
See it works! Finish level 2. 10 points
Imma okay. Level 2 complete While your almost dead. 25 points
Just Go home ok?, Sometimes you must do it. 25 points
^--^, Finish the 3rd level. 25 points
I'm the chosen one!, get 350 points!, 100 points
Secret medals.
I'm tired. Pause the game. 10 points
SKEP ET NEW!, Skip the intro. 10 points.
I win!, You win all the levels!, 100 points
If you don't add the medals in, I Quit. ok?

Good... but

it's too hard


I got 359 Points.
Anybody have any higher?

Didn't do it for me

Decent for the Christmas season.


This is oddly addictive, plus, my fave character is Hamster, so it's even better.