Reviews for "Sno' Problem"


The art was pretty good, but by no means anything special. Ditto with the game itself - it's been done. The characters are well designed, though (so much as they are characters, anyway). I can see myself playing this for a while and enjoying it, but it's nothing revolutionary.

This takes getting used to.

After that. It was easy. Damn people spend a little time with the game.. only got as far as level 11.. I wonder when it ends.. does it?

i guess

I didn't find much fun out of this. It was funny for the first couple minutes, but got old quick. It was pretty close to impossible to actually hit anything besides the beavers of the yeti on purpose.

The graphics and sound were good as ever.

awesome game - hard to play

very good graphics and sound, but the game was just not very funny to play after the first 5-6 throws


man Oh man, i couldn't hit a single one!
I throw it and it seems as its JUST about to hit, they swerve...Hard stuff...