Reviews for "Sno' Problem"

Vey good game!

This hard game but this is still very good.Graphics were good and this is funny also.


Nice man, at first it was impossible, but I got the hang of it, and I found a little glitch in your game. When the people are coming down with the snowboard, you can just right-click and uncheck play, and hit them then hit play again, and do the same with the others. But its a nice game overall.


I found it impossible to dodge the snowballs, and glitches would never let me pull them back in time, it would take two clicks, making me not able to throw. Highscore: 8

Rock on, Dave

I very much see Hamster and Satan's influence here.

The game is hard, but a lot of fun.

But I are cold and wet and sad without my RAB pals.

Lol funny game, dude.

The aiming is hard, but I guess thats why you made it that way. Good Game!
Oh and for you people out there with no clue how to fire, you click on the snowman.