Reviews for "Sno' Problem"

Not your greatest work :(

Was a fairly repeatative and dull game, wasn't entertaining at all :(

Go back to RAB :)

Brilliant i like this

But pleeeeeeeeeeease do more retarded animal babies

Good game.

This game is great becauce it was funny.
Well keep it.

Great game.

Fun and addicting game. The only problem with it is those damn kids in the sled. I couldn't find out for the life of me where the hell the collision area was; drove me nuts. But other than that minor irritation, the game kicked ass. Nice character interaction, I think that's what really drives the game home. Great job.

It was okay

This game sounded like it would be fun but after playing it it was average. It had a good objective but the game play was not that good. It was a okay game anywas. I give it a 2.5