Reviews for "Sno' Problem"

nice work

Good job it looks like you took my advice for makeing a game

well, i have to hand it to you/...

though the legend of RAB must coem to an end, your talent lives on..though...you know you have watched RAB too many times when....

yes, i recognize the chipmunks, er, i mean beveers..lol yippie kay oh kai ay!
whjen they spin, its the same as the "annoying sound test" from the nadir in RAB
the theme for the game int he begining was in the biggining of either the xmas for thanksgiving episode, though i am not sure (shame on me)
and is it jsut me...or is that snow monster thing by the logs reminiscent of a certain satan who likes to play hacky sack and et children? lol

great gmae though....you defintly kick ass and i look forward to wahtever talent you present to your loyal newgrounds fans in the future


I mean, its, medicore. Ive seen better. Its saving grace is that its funny.

Hard to control but funny

Little hard to control at first but fun. Who can resist a little beaver?


Seeing you draw humans just proves how versatile you are with flash. I liked the idea of having a mini-movie showing why good ole' Frosty gets mad. Personally, I thought the game was too hard. It took several tries before I could figure out how to correctly hit the target. Not a big deal. Good animation, ok sounds.