Reviews for "Sno' Problem"


Gee people. Just because the game didnt reach your very high expectations dont write nasty reviews. The controls were kind of bad, but for a little game it was fun.

I like the different people you could hit and the "yays" you got when the folks on the sled got hit. The snowmant character looked pretty cool and grizzled. Overall I thought this much better than most of the stuff we get at newgrounds. Cant wait for the next RAB cartoon!


Really dissapointing. And u thought the creater of retarded animal babies would have done better!


no more puppy goin down on himself(my favorite charachter lol) and no more retardedness ... damn, you are getting rid of the animal babies that everyone loves and replacing it with this? y dave y dont do this to your fans


Really neat, And Long live the retarded animal babies!


good for a quick game. Fun for no longer than 10 minutes. The Beaver Bros. are just hamster clones with beaver tails and clothes.