Reviews for "O see how I drown in this sea"


Keep up the good work


this is truely great art.
i like how u did the lighting and the flow of her hair.


this is epic, yet still:
1.is she a zzombie/down? umm wierd skin colour.
2nd awesome body work, and good anatomy, but man, the left hip (in our view) and in case you dont get it, HER right hip, seems a bit ''pointy umm'' and odd.
also i wonder why it has a shark in the background?
anyhow... umm i wonder what he did there.... :X

anyway, great pic, can't wait to see more! pretty girl, even if strange..

fine as all hell!

man id tap that! ight though. being besides my nature that is a very well drawn picture/ your a really good artist. there are some good colors and shit in the background and she looks fuckin fine with them abs without lookin brawny so thats good too. keep up the good work. (=

Very Sexy!

I know everybody's not saying it but i know they're thinking it.. She is HOT!, Well done, her boobies look great and i like how she's fit and not to muscular. Great job on the face too