Reviews for "O see how I drown in this sea"


love the background and the detail you put into the woman. it feels like this came straight out of a dream.

I love the colors!

this image really reminds me of magic card game water creature designs and I just love the vvidty and the only thing i have to complain is the light like....this is deep in the ocean yet it feels like the light is just SOoo strong lolz there's almost too much light underwater. But anyways, your art is beautiful! I love it!

/Agree with striderhirux9

He said just about everything, but also nice sketch mate, I love the back ground feels really alive, be cool if she was drawn like that but im trying to see what you sea.... hehe
Feel better.


i agree with conundrummer simply amazing i like the level of detail u put into this i consider myself an artist too though i must admit i havent drawn in awhile but hey if guys like u keep doing stuff like this it may inspire me also if u feel like replying im just curius what u used to create those colors? they look great!!!

Zigan responds:

Well, using Photoshop for a long time and painting, you develop a color pallette in your head of what colors to blend and what ambience you need to make those colors and object feel three dimensional. Even though it may not always seem that way and imperfect, there's always more room to learn about color and lighting. The color drop tool is one of the most things I used to get the colors I need.

Thanks for the kind words and the 10! :)


no way this deserves less than a ten.