Reviews for "O see how I drown in this sea"


Great work, I like it very much!

I believe the colors are neither too dark or too light. The proportions of the body are nice, but I believe she's a tad too thin. I also enjoy the background, it's very well done and blends this entire piece of art in a nice blend. I've also checked your gallery and am impressed by your work.

I'll stay tuned for the next art piece!


it really bugs me when people like "chris-the-stick2" or all the other retards on NG lower an artists score because they don't understand the concept of the piece or don't understand that art can be STYLIZED. People that are complainging about the shark-- the artist SAYS she is underwater. People complaining about the hip or hands-- It is just a more stylized way of drawing. Comic book artists draw this way all the time! Awesome job Zigan, and to all you retards who lower everyone art acore because you just don't get it-- go kill yourself.

Zigan responds:

Thank you very much, probably couldn't of said it better myself. xD


The colors, the shadows, the gritty details are all perfect. Keep up the good work.


If you can do this when your sick i cant wait to see what you do next.
Colours and shades are just right so don't worry about that, this is such a high quality image, i love the way you can see each individual strand of hair.

Well done and keep it up.


Very nice work and also very good chose of colors, just perfect!