Reviews for "O see how I drown in this sea"

good work

like the underwater effect


I'm honest perfectionist so... the hands could be bether. Thats all... No wait. For what is that shark in the background?

Very good

My only criticism would be the left leg(our left) seems a bit unnatural to me maybe due to the quite pointed hip, it just seems a bit too pointed to me other than that though the picture is absolutely excellent, love it.


Love this drawing, looks amazing. Reminds me of Janna from League of Legends. Keep up the good work.

Zigan responds:

I love Leage of Legends! Thanks for the 10! xD


This is a wonderful piece of art! The colors are FANTASTIC and all the shading and the way you blend all the light sources and whatnot, it's great! (Not to mention the female herself is pretty hot!)

I'm curious, is she a Rusalka? Or, did you just not really have a set idea for her other than "lady under the water"?

Either way, it's still awesome!

Zigan responds:

I never looked up Rusalka till just now actually. I do love mythology though and folklore that is set around that sort of theme. Looking at some of the wiki pictures she does resemble such a creature, I guess you could say she might be. :o

The title however does have a meaning to which, "O see how I drown in this sea" is from a song by Yoko Kano in Wolf's Rain, "Tell me what the rain knows". In my title however, the picture relates to it of someone crying for help and no one listens. I'm not entirely sure what the lyrics from the song mean, but they did sort of inspire me to make this. I am looking forward to creating another piece using other lyrics from the same song, just on a much more elaborate detail.

Thanks for the 10! :)