Reviews for "O see how I drown in this sea"


I like the use of color water effect and lighting the details in her physique are very nice


I love the lighting in the background, the water effects work really well.

nice piece

i really like this, but i agree with the guy below me, her thighs do look excessively big.
and regarding your caption. i cant decide whether the colours are too dark or light either, there is something about the background that's a bit weird, but its still very nice

Love it

Just one thing. I'm not an expert at any stretch of the imagination, but her thighs look a little big, and remind me of Chun-Li

Zigan responds:

I understand it may not be everyone's liking if such as say the legs ona woman are too big. They are a bit big, but it's just asort of my style and I love the chun-li look as well, haha. :)

Thanks for the input

Envious :)

Just to let you know, this is the first piece of yours I've seen and I love it. I really dig it, very detailed! What do you use? What is your medium, software?

Zigan responds:

Photoshop CS4
Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet

Thanks for the kind words and the 10! I only hope you view more of my work. :)