Reviews for "O see how I drown in this sea"


wow dude this is really great! as its been said shes tastefully naked lol. good job on her abs detail and her hair is amazing looks like it took a while :P

It's pretty sweet

I'm giving you a ten for two things. One: This is one of the few M rated pieces that is not violent as hell or overly sexual. I mean she is naked, but it is in a tasteful manner. And Two: I swear too God it moved

Very Cute Art

This Art has Great Color, and Perfect Details

Very nice

In response to your "too light or too dark" question, my opinion is a bit of both. You should pick one or the other. While I really like the water effect on the plants/coral behind her, such bright colors on such a dark background make them look like they are fiber optic and glowing. If, however, that is what you were going for, then it's perfect.

@striderhirux9: Just as it is the artists choice for style, color, composition, etc. when the piece is made public, its judgment is at the viewer's discretion. If someone likes the idea but dislikes the approach, then they are free to rate it down because of that. If they think the idea is absurd even if the style is wonderful, they can rate it less than a ten. They are free to rate it down even if their only reason is because they think she should have a penis. That is what it means to make it public.


The picture looks it is looking back at me. It looks like it is alive. Good use of colors. Nice wave of hair. Incredible strokes. Proper lighting and shading. And one amazing figured woman. It so powerful to look at. This woman in the picture can overwhelm me anytime. An eye-candy and an orgasmic view to look at. All in all, it is Perfect for me.