Reviews for "O see how I drown in this sea"


dude how do u do such things. I mean its EPIC 10/10


I really appreciate that you take your time to post your work of art. Its inspiring, and itches me to pick up my tablet again and improve myself till I reach your level of skill.

So, to reach your level of skill, I hope you can help me. Can you care to answer one question for me, an inspired artist?

The question is, how do you get the hair to be like that? How it flows so nice and so diligently. I think your using a brush, but then again, when I try something like that, I can never get it quit like yours.

Anyways, hope to see more work from you. It really is awe-inspiring and really hits the heart.

Zigan responds:

The hair was done using a 2px-3px brush, so each strand was done stroke by stroke. Hair is a very flexible piece of matter through which underwater can flow in any direction. As each strand separates from the rest, it must appear more transparent. ;)

Thanks for the 10!


wow, the expression on her face is just awesome.
i really like your kind of style.. keep it going! 5/5

Zigan responds:

Much appreciated! :)

A Women Poisiden.

That's what it reminds me of.

So Enchanting

I love your art. Your one of my most favorites! I love the background colors and the different shades of her skin.

Zigan responds:

Thank you very much! :]