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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"

Good Good!

This reminds me of "Freddy VS. Jason" all over again only a little bit different. This time it's two of the BIGGEST game heroes duking it out against each other! The storyline was quite nice & the dialogue was very well written out. I had my bets set on Cloud (Link's good, but there's absolutely NO WAY he could survive Cloud's Omnislash technique!) My favorite scene of course was the bloody fight to the death between Link n Cloud! (the fast-paced animation just blew me away!) It was also nice to include the battle music from "The Matrix:RELOADED" it blended in perfectly! Ganon & Sephiroth fused into some weird monster thingy but Cloud layed the smackdown on them BOTH!!! You should definately make more flash like this! An excellent Zelda/Final Fantasy crossover indeed! SECOND ENCORE!


All your Zelda movies have been 10/10

i cant believe your artwork its awesome!! i wanna see more link movies! please please please!

very nice

love link using the muster sword and cloud using the master sword. i also liked the alpha-omega omni slash, great new twist on an old time favorite.


link never speak


ok first the whole theory of only 3 ppl being able to use the buster sword only works in Cloud's dimension, I believe anybody with enough strength in their heart can use it, two if you want to pick hairs the master sword can only be wielded by those pure of heart (being a part of sephy should exclude Cloud)

sword uses aside I think it was good, and ppl whine to much about lil technicalities.