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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"

make another

this is awesome stuff here man i hope u make a 2nd one

need to make a second one

i love the omni slash but maybe if you could make a second one with onilink and cloud at his full potential that would be super awesome good luck on future projects.


The world where Cloud lives is called Gaia.


ok first the whole theory of only 3 ppl being able to use the buster sword only works in Cloud's dimension, I believe anybody with enough strength in their heart can use it, two if you want to pick hairs the master sword can only be wielded by those pure of heart (being a part of sephy should exclude Cloud)

sword uses aside I think it was good, and ppl whine to much about lil technicalities.

ultra fucken awsome

man i have wait a long time to see link and cloud fight that omnislash was bad ass dam that vid is fucken awsome keep them coming very good loved it i give you a 10