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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"


seeing the trailer was nothing like watching the film, uve finally showed me a trailer on newgrounds that didnt give away the entire movie and had a full film that actually was worth the wait...I bow to you

Dude, get this through your head, LINK CANT TALK.

Cloud looked constipated during that "Alpha-Omega-Whatchamacallit" attack. and when the hell did Link become a general? He can't even SAY "general". o_o

great but a few errors

well maybe just one, Sephiroth is an idependant asshole, he'd never, NEVER not even to kill Cloud fuse with ganon. The swaping of their swords was very good, but cloud got way to much credit for beating er, ganoth or whatever (who should not look like that) still a good movie, but 1 last thing ponders me....who would have won?

need to make a second one

i love the omni slash but maybe if you could make a second one with onilink and cloud at his full potential that would be super awesome good luck on future projects.

make another

this is awesome stuff here man i hope u make a 2nd one