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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"

Pretty Awesome!!!

Gannon and Sephiroth Teamed up = Crazy!!!!

Only thing that stopped it from being a 10 was that Sephi-Gannon looked kinda, well, dumb. (lol, sorry man, but its true)

Oh, and the fact that he did nothing to Link or Cloud really, Bad Guys never get to win. Still Great Movie!!!!



Good movie but cloud would of kicked the shit out of that little elf in tight pants (no offence I still like Link but Cloud is better). One of them should have died! (Link) And sephiroth is still the badass of Video Games!(forever)

This was a awsome movie but it needed some work.

As I said the movie was awsome but the story could have been better like where were they fighting and how did gannon and sephitoth get the material, but over all I enjoyed the movie.


that was cool sephiroth fusion with ganon fu-sion-HA. lol make one were squall has to fight link to keep greviver from coming back

not bad m8

not bad at all have a cigar