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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"


I have to say that that was pretty awesome. The sephiroth/ganon fusing thing was pretty gay, but it was pretty funny to see them useing each others swords. Is that what his final limit break really is? I've never seen it in the game. Overall you did a great job.

Alpha omega omni slash

This is very good Final Fantasy/Legend Of Zelda flash!!!
I likethis flash!!
Overall: very good


that was great, although, i dunno if sephiroth and ganon would look like that if they fused though, and i really highly doubt sephiroth would've done such a thing, more likely he would've killed ganon while they were talking like that and then went out on his own. that is more his style. great idea though

that omni-slash was funny

FF7 rulz, kupo

the emotion on the face of cloud was so funny, kupo

i...cant...stop...laughtin, kupo

It was alright

Some of the fighting parts were ok but it felt like I have seen it all before