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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"

I put zero becuase there is no "?"

I did not watch this movie becuase it will not work. I will say a few things, however, reguarding the concept.

I think a good handful of Zelda and FF fans have thought of mixing the series. But for OoT and FF7 to be combined is impossible. Heres why:
1. FF7 is based in a world NOTHING LIKE Hyrule.
2. Zelda is based in a medieval fantasy setting, where as FF7 is a high tech modern setting. Thus, Link would see a gun and say "What the HELL is that?". Besides, even if they were in the same worlds, Link would be dead before Cloud was even born.
3. In fact, Link was NOT an adult when OoT ended. He was a boy, if you actually had beaten the game, you'd have known that. After the events of OoT he goes off in search of Navi, who'd ran off as soon as they returned to the temple of time (present). He journeyed into Terminia. After that, god only knows, but I'd like to think that there will be another game countinuing Link's quest to find the fairy, navi.

So, after looking over all those facts, we can only believe that your story could NOT have happned. Therefor, your interpritation is impossible on any logical thinking level. I started out with Zelda meets FF7 fan fictions. You've got potential. I hope you use it.

SolidSacketh responds:

Don't vote on it if you don't watch it. WTF. Plus, it explains how the worlds mesh together in the movie. AND what about a real 7 years after the end of OoT? Are u saying link is a little shit forever? F that. But thanks for the review, f u for the zero.


I found this movie to be dispicible, I almost vomited watching it, I despise the man who made this movie if I see this man in real life I will beat him senseless, The movie was an insult to Cloud, Link, their video games, and fans of Link and and Cloud everywhere, and As a Link and Cloud fan, I hate the man who made this movie!


Cloud is way to muscular!!!Cloud and Link are actully really skinny..Also Link is no general..Also Cloud would whoop Link..Another thing,Sephiroth wouldn't need Ganons dumb help..It was so stupid when they fused together..Whaen Cloud and Link shook hands there arms were crippled.....


Horrible, i hate it. It ruines both series for me


What the hell is this????
This is the worst video I have ever seen
God put some effort into