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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"

Cloud! Link! Can it get any better?

Awesome! I don't see ANYTHING at all wrong with this movie. Except that there should be more like it! (Wait, that made no sense). Anyway, dude, I loved it. I'd like to see a sequel where they team up with StarFox and Squall or something like that (Kirby and Vigi?). I think Nintendo and Square characters would be cool to see together.

I like the idea, but...

The REAL Sephiroth is full of hubris and would never admit defeat, much less accept help from some ugly ass demon-dude. Liked the movie tho...


It was nice, but it could have been better u.u;;;

When worlds collide, the result can be shocking!

I really like this - but I wonder who would really win if they fought agenst each other without being tricked?


That was pretty good,not great animation but the fight and story was pretty entertaining.