Reviews for "Trouble (clay)"

Great movie

I added this to my favourite animations list, adn I added you to my favourite artists list.
If you ever read this, can you tell me what the frame rate is.
It did remind me alot of WT and then some. But I believe that you didn;t take the idea.
This was good stopmotion and the character design was nice. I like the lip sync.
All in all it was an excellent film and I hope you make more claymations in the future.

Wet clay, dry humor

That was spectacular. My only complaint is that the movie itself was a bit pixelated, but that may have just been my monitor settings. This must have taken you forever. It was great.

Man. You're the bast clay animator everer.

Knox's movies are funier but this animation. It's great.... You even animated the eyes! MAN. GREAT JOB. KEEP EM COMMING!


i like the way barney dies the best


dude, this is a great animation but you infact did not make it before WT. Listen you say you made this 2 years earlier than WT!?!? soooo....your 15 now??? then 2 years ago you were 13 right??? You clearly were not 13 when you walked in the door.....still I voted 5