Reviews for "Trouble (clay)"


that was pretty damn cool. I liked it alot, i could tell you put a lot of work into that animation/claymation. Great stuff man, hope to see some more out of you


that was funny i mean it was cool how you used clay must of took you a long time to make it but that was awsom dude make more!

knox ive seen all of your stuff and i love it

i love all your stuff and this is no differnt I'm a big fan of yours all of your movie voice over are so funny and this comic just like all your others will make us all stride harder to be as good as you. this comic was amazing and i recomed it to any ones who likes knoxs stuff. Thanks agian knoxs for one hell of a animation!

Pensi responds:

i'm not knox..

very good

Knox has inspired a new revolution of good quality clay flash

Pensi responds:

actually better clayanimations i saw at claymation sites inspired me, no offense to knox.

really good.

There is no way that anyone can say you didn't put any work into this. I've done a bit of amature claymation myself. And to get it as smooth as you did takes a loooooooong time. The claymation was good, the sound was a little quiet. But after I boosted my speakers I could hear it better. the barney thing was hillarious. anyways. Great job. It makes me want to start making movies again. Thanks for the inspiration.