Reviews for "Trouble (clay)"

Kill Barney

Great work. You must have spent alot of time on this. Keep it up.

That was the best clay movie I've ever seen

you are incredibly talented. You could have an entire tv show!


I really liked it allot, you seem to have put allot of efffort into this. Ive tried making claymations on my webcam but it was hard and they came out shit. But this kicked ass, I hope to see more from you.

Simply Marvelous!!

Loved it, loved the trailer, loved the virtual fighter, loved the lttle dancing thing, lol, loved it all, simply brilliant, o yea i notcied u neede some voice actors, i could do some if you want, i am british tho, so if u need me im here :D

This shit is good

wow you cant really beat the little plasticine men, and lego cars can you. thank god for stop motion animation, what would we do without it. probably use more flash.