Reviews for "Trouble (clay)"


Spec-fucking-tacular. Highly entertaining! I sure do hope to see more from you.

Good job

This was probably the best clay animation I've seen on newgrounds, even more creative than Knox! The lips and eye's added more feeling to the characters, and you added a whole different dimension to it. You have a very creative mind, I'm sure if you submit this to a Film Festival you would win! Good job once more, and good luck with your career as an animator!

that was kick ass

it had a nice flow from the clay moving from when you were moving. It was pretty sweet

that was great!

that was very well done you should make a series of it the only bad part was the talking but i loved the part where barney died haha


That was very cool. Clay movies are awesome. This reminds me of another clay movie, but I cant remember which one....Anyway, I really liked it. Excellent work. Keep it up!