Reviews for "Trouble (clay)"


Thats the best claymation ever! Enough said!


That was pretty good. I do claymation and I know the time you had to put into it. keep goin b/c it was fun!

very nice

very nice, very nice. i've always been a fan of claymation, and this is one of the best i've seen. i also understand that claymation can be tedious and time-consuming, but it all pays off in the end, apparently. excellent job, and keep up the good work.


That was excellent! It's even better than the claymation that used to be on tv when I was younger. I loved the music and the camera movements and angles. Stellar work!

Not bad.

Not a bad clip, but frankly I'm really just getting sick of all this Gumbi Clay world crap. I want good, bright, apoplexy-inducing, animated flash clips. I would have scored you much higher say... a week ago. Also, I really don't care if this was made before 'WT and then some' or who ripped off who... the facts are, this came second.
And I'm really sick of these clay-animation movies.