Reviews for "Trouble (clay)"


This thing reminds me of gumbi, I wish I could give you originality points. Try to make it better in graphics though

It has inspired me...

To attempt to make my own clay movie! I doubt I will succeed though, anyway great movie nicely done. Keep up the good work.

Must have been a lot of work...

A lot of people tend to underestimate the effort claymation takes (well, GOOD claymation anyway). I've never done it before, but I can imagine it taking hours for only a few seconds of animation; painstakingly altering the clay bit by bit for every frame, trying your damndest to keep from completely fucking up the figure or leaving weird thumbprints on it. You have my respect, Kemosabe. Otherwise, it was pretty unremarkable. The jokes made me smile, at least, and the cheesy Casio keyboard soundtrack fit in pretty well with what was going on. Biggest problem? The movement of the figures is too slow, especially during the swordfight. But it still rocked.

Cool Camera Angles

Those are some cool angles for the camera. It was awesome how smoothly it ran and I have a crappy computer and movies usually run like shit.

Awesome Job Man!

I love claymation. I remember as a kid palying around with my 8mm camera and trying to compose a scene with claymen. Haven't done it in a while because I'm no focusing on Flash. I have to admit that this is one of the best amature claymation I have ever seen. It's so weird how your ideas (the arrow and the sword fight) closely tied in with Knoxs recent claymation.. very very odd.. Must be a glitch in the Matrix or something.. or he stole it from you :D.. oh yeah and I have to address something to "thetad" It's not a Knox flash it's a Pensi FLash :D