Reviews for "Trouble (clay)"


i just woke up


I can understand the file size, since it was in .avi, but it is big...Really big. So anyway, this looked so professionaly done. From the great voices, with equally good movements of the mouths, to the great music queues, and above all else, the great camera angles. I loved how you showed the spear travel through the air. Very nice idea of having humans and clay interact, I have yet to see that done before. Great sound effects, I loved the movements of the characters, very realistic. A 5 for you!


Pensi responds:

for how long it is, it's a great file size, do a search on 'clay' on ng and watch some of the movies. There are some that are like 10-15 seconds long that are 2.5 megs. This one is 5 minutes long. People complain about the quality of the avi(not you) and they don't even think about the filesize. Anyways, thanks for the great review :), i knew someone had to appreciate my gumby/corny style music lol.

kick ass!

dude! ive been watching ng flashes since the website first came out and ive never seen anything as good as that in claymation. nice work. it was funny as hell too.


That was possibly the best claymation I've seen since the gumby when he gets high off of wooden mushrooms. Great job man. Though at points it seemed a bit too compulsive (One second they're talking about food then barney comes out with a raygun.) but still, great job.


It was alright. The claymation was well maintained but the voice acting wasn't very convincing and the soundtrack consisted of "budah's" and "dunah's" when one of the clay guys apparently says a witticism, which is never very witty. Keep the animation, make the clay bots more interesting looking, and hire a writer.