Reviews for "SEPTEMBER"

I would like to purcahse your music video PLZZ

I will pay a maximum of 800 dollars for it. Great job on the lip sync too. w00000000000tz0rrZzZZ!111

dookiemoole responds:

lets look into this! :)


ROFLOL!1111111 So funny. I would give this, front page, infact - I would give it every front page slot, and turn all the adverts, into links, to this submission.

dookiemoole responds:


damn dude

yet again im impressed.....wow your mad excellent..it really gives me a feel of what its like to live in your town...:) all ur flashes make me happy u get another 5 from the almighty tweek...


dookiemoole responds:



Dude, that was so funny. it was like one of those cheap 70's videos, hah!. The song was was really cool also. How did you get all the voices to match the song? it's synched like a professional.


dookiemoole responds:

the lip synching at the second half is kind of off becuase on that part the person didn't have the music to listen to but the first person did most of the time.


omg that was hilarious. i'm going to go watch your other stuff.

dookiemoole responds:

watch my toons too!