Reviews for "SEPTEMBER"


awasome man, but whats the song? that roolz!

dookiemoole responds:

Earth Wind & Fire - September

i bow to your genius

Is this the same kid that gets his shit owned when you have tha tblakc kid beathing people up with the tennis racket? )im referring to one of the videos on your site)

dookiemoole responds:

yes, it is, the one who said you hit me with the metal! i was hit too, but i aint tellin you which one i am

Hehe that was cool

Yeah it's clever. Nice music video man. It made me smile. Nice work buddy. Does this provide a good insight into the everyday lives of American kids then?


dookiemoole responds:


haha but...

Are you even in it? Or are you just filming?

dookiemoole responds:



Who is that kid?

dookiemoole responds:

cant tell ya