Reviews for "SEPTEMBER"


hey, lol your friend is cute ~lol~ im 15/f/il hehe well buh bye for now!, oh by the way, stick to the camera ,your really talented

dookiemoole responds:


Oh My God.

That was amazing. All your videos like that are amazing. I wish my friends danced around singing songs like that. Life should have a soundtrack.

dookiemoole responds:

yah it should

...so gay that i love it

yeah, i thought it was nice overall, but man, good song choice. Your a kid and hey, i gotta give you a thumbs up, darn good editing skills too.

dookiemoole responds:

thanks thats not me in it though i just filmed and edited it and just conceived of it with my sick mind


Good job on this. I liked this very much. It was as good as "THIS IS YOUR NIGHT!". Good work on diercting this movie.

dookiemoole responds:

thanks my 3 other videos are jitterbug, jitterbug 2, and everybody. Check em out!

oktwo questins

1. whts the name of the song i just like it is it septmeber or this is your night?
2. were all the people in this your friends

dookiemoole responds:

1 name is september
2 they are my friends